Tuesday January 23, 2018

Don and I travelled to Windsor, Ontario visiting with friends on the weekend. We had a fabulous time visiting, shopping, watching movies and going to a Detroit Red Wings hockey game. Unfortunately the Red Wings lost but it was fun none the less.
Yesterday was our travel day back home and what a day it was! We left Detroit at 7 am EST and got home 8:30 pm CST. It was a day of planes, bus and automobiles as we got caught in the Mid-West storm at Minneapolis airport, we were flying to International Falls. Trying to get on a flight for today would have been impossible so we made the decision to go by bus to Duluth, rented a vehicle and drove to International Falls. And today we've woken up to brilliant sunshine and minus 22C.
Today will be a day of getting back into the swing of things, some cleaning and paperwork for me.

Today's forecast - Mainly sunny. High minus 12.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Low minus 18.